Program Information

Non-Credit Participation in Coursework

Trainees in the REACH program participate in ICRE courses on a non-credit basis. This means that trainees are unable to use these courses for a future graduate degree. If you have questions about this or feel a graduate degree program may be more suitable for you, please contact REACH Program Coordinator at or read more about our degree programs.

Coursework and Schedule

The REACH Program is offered at the Oakland campus of the University of Pittsburgh, and consists of coursework in the following areas:

Courses are offered in a flipped, or hybrid, format, with trainees watching video lectures ahead of class, on their own time and at their own pace, allowing for more active discussions and interactions in the classroom.

Please note that while this flipped format does lessen the total time in class, it does not lessen the total time trainees are expected to spend engaging with the material. The hybrid format works best when trainees are independently motivated and willing to take responsibility for their own learning.

For a copy of the Summer 2018 schedule, click here.

Program Requirements

Participation in REACH requires sponsorship from the candidate's clinical department, with a guarantee of at least 75% protected time for the 2 months necessary to complete the coursework. For residents and fellows who participate in REACH as part of a formal training program, academic feedback will be provided to their program directors.

REACH trainees are required to:

Program Fee

The fee for the 8-week REACH Program is $3,500 and is payable either by check or through a University of Pittsburgh interdepartmental charge.